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Harralbrokerage welcomes you.

Narrow boat living carries an amount of romantic appeal. Perhaps you can imagining a life surrounded by wonderful countryside living a life of leisure on a stylishly finished and furnished canal boat.

But is narrow boat canal living all chocolates and roses? First you have the cost of the purchase of the boat, then you have to find somewhere to moor it. Fuel and maintenance costs have to be allowed for also. On top of those costs you are still going to have a number of “dry land” costs such as food, washing and water.

If you intend travel the waterways nearly continuously then with a different view from the window on a daily basis, for those suited to Narrow boat living it can be full of serenity, style and grace.

Our advice is to hire a narrow boat and try it out first before committing to such a large outlay of money.  Good luck to you all….

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Navigation and Inland Waterway competency school.

It is a good idea to take inland waterway competency classes to ensure the safe navigation of the waterways.

By learning the way of boat handling along with the safe methods of dealing with bridges, tunnels, locks and how to avoid collisions with other craft you can ensure safe passage through the canal systems.

You can usually choose to take the instruction on your own boat or one provided for the purpose.

So add to your safety and pleasure by learning all the aspects of boat craft.

For more instruction and ideas  on how to use various sun powered and solar
charged devices which offer a clean and efficient way of powering all sorts of
gadgets and devices why not check out http://microgenerate.co.uk.

different scenery every day

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NEWS – A new website Batasimp Ortadas has promised to hold international canal boat brokerage details on its database in the near future.
This will allow the opportunity to search for canal boats that are both for sale and to rent from one source covering the globe.

Offering global solutions http://www.batasimportadas.com  will give us access to boats for sale on all the major waterways.

NEWS – We have heard that another website, the Naples Barometer, is to dedicate a section of its website to the inland and gulf access waterways in and around Naples in South West Florida. This will include Marco Island and Bonita Springs.

This area carries a multitude different river and sea going water craft  with canal homes for sale in Naples Florida.

With so many boats you can expect see low cost and very expensive luxury craft for sale. Take a look when you have a moment.

what a view

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a life of leisure

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